Here are some other entertaining films similar to the style of Ayer's worlds that he creates:


  • Narc
  • Pride and Glory
  • Dirty
  • 16 Blocks
  • Badge of Honor (2015)
  • Edison Force
  • Takers
  • Out of the Furnace
  • Undoing
  • Streets of Blood
  • Felon
  • S.W.A.T.: Firefight
  • Pawn
  • Freelancers (2012)
  • Righteous Kill
  • Caught in the Crossfire
  • Tactical Force
  • Faster
  • The Baytown Outlaws
  • Inside Man
  • Junction (2012)
  • Assault on Precinct 13 (2005 remake)
  • Bad Country
  • Rx
  • Run All Night
  • Snitch
  • Brooklyn's Finest
  • Few Options
  • Sinners and Saints
  • Waist Deep
  • Hate the Game (2004)
  • Armored
  • Line of Duty (2013)
  • Four Brothers
  • Never Die Alone

TV Shows

  • The Shield
  • The Kill Point
  • The Chicago Code
  • Gang Related

  • Anything made prior to 2001 isn't included here as they were clearly inspirations for Ayer's work.
    • Westerns are excluded from the list since they're their own themed material and have made a bigger impact upon cop and criminal dramas and not the other way around.
      • Most of these other films or shows are works by Antoine Fuqua, David Simon, Clark Johnson, Edward Burns (the writer, not the actor), Ric Roman Waugh, Shawn Ryan and various other indie filmmakers.

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